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July 11, 2014 – 01:08 am

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mom-mom wrote:
I read so many post from post 1, and some relate, and some are just nonsense, insults, or know-it-alls. I'm no pro on anything, but I was on oxycodone, roxy, percocets, whatever you call them for about 2 years, started off innocently, and I liked them, thats all she wrote. After that I got them through pain management, and friends and yep even bought them from strangers. YES, I knew this was all wrong! Now, I am trying so hard to get off. Its been 3 weeks, and I wont lie, I had some help from someone who got me suboxin (may not be spelled right). I took them for 9 days, each day alittle less. I had no withdrawl, felt great. Then, out of habit, sitting at my desk, the other day, I took two 10/325 oxycodones, realized it a few minutes later, "Sh_t", Oh well too late, I should have thrown them away. I had no more, so I figured them two can't hurt. Later that night, my back is hurting worse than it ever did, my legs are so freaking restless, I cannot stretch them enough. I'm so tierd, but I have to say the legs are the worse. I don't think this is just from them two pills, I think I'm still withdrawling from the start, it had just subsided and now started again. Does anyone know how d_m long this takes, Please Help! I cannot afford the treatment centers that offer help online, I checked they cost 4500-5000 dollars and insurance does not pay. I'm 50 years old, grand-mom to 5, and mother to 3, so I'm sure this hits anyone, even those who swear that it couldn't happen to them, and has decided that we are all weak people who are just making it hard for people who really need the drug to get them. I use to think like that when I started and even while I took them. Wait till ya try an quit! Anyone know how long this withdrawl will last????????


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