Analgesic cream during pregnancy

How Do I Choose the Best Analgesic Cream? (with picture)

May 27, 2014 – 08:53 am

What is Anti-Itch Cream? (with pictures)

In order to find the best analgesic cream for one’s personal use, it is important to know the differences in the types of products available. Learn the specific indications but also make sure they won’t cause side effects or adverse interactions with other medications. By learning which types are suitable to treat specific needs, time will not be wasted while suffering continues and money will not be wasted due to using the wrong product.

Another good step in the process is to try various brands of analgesic cream, comparing store brands to the national brands. The quality and efficacy may be quite comparable, but the prices may be very different.

As is often the case when choosing a health aid, there are many different brands and types of analgesic cream from which to select. Typically, an over the counter product will be suitable for mild pain. While some types of topical analgesic simply lessen pain, others provide a numbing effect. Prescription strength analgesics may be indicated for severe pain, in which case a doctor visit is required.

The offerings, aside from analgesic cream, include analgesic balm, analgesic ointment, and analgesic spray. These also come in several different formulas including natural analgesics. These products are typically used to relieve pain associated with sprains, muscle strain, back pain, irritations, as well as for inflammation, including arthritis.

Analgesic cream can provide relief for inflammation, as compared to oral pain relievers. However, since they are applied at the source of pain, they may provide quicker or more thorough relief, albeit temporary. Analgesics have been used in conjunction with oral pain relievers but instructions and dosage should be carefully assessed before use.

Products that create a warm or cool sensation are referred to as counter-irritants. Capsaicin, an ingredient found in hot peppers, is used to create an analgesic cream that warms the skin. Joints that you can feel just under the skin, are those that will benefit most from this type of product. Some forms, such as sprays, are specifically used to treat irritations including sunburn or pain related to minor procedures such as stitches, tattoos, or piercings.


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