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July 5, 2014 – 12:01 am

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Chennai: Every time, even at the slightest sign of pain, 40-year-old Shubha, an IT employee, pops painkillers without thinking about the side-effects of these pain relievers. Over the years, instead of one tablet, she started popping two tablets as most of the painkillers are available over the counter.

“Usually, we prescribe pain­killers only for a short term so that they give comfort to patients in case of any ligament tear, muscle pain or injury. If pain relievers are used even after two weeks, then surely it’s cause for concern. Certain nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) cause side-effects like gastric irritation and stomach ulcer. If used for a long term (more than two weeks) chances of developing kidney failure and cardiac problems are more, ” said Dr Karthic Babu Nata­rajan, consultant pain phy­si­­cian of the Back and Pain Centre, The Apollo Clinic.

Our body naturally heals pain, and as we grow older, the healing process decreases.

“We see patients who take painkillers on their own. It happens all the time as we do not have proper regulatory systems. Almost all medicines are available over the counter. There are two kinds of patients - one who get pain and take pain relievers for short duration. They forget about it and carry on with their daily routines. The rest are those whose quality of life is affected due to pain, sometimes even leading to depression, ” says the pain consultant, adding that some patients visit six or seven specialists and even end up visiting psychologists thinking the pain has something to do with the mind.

Dr E.S. Krishna­mo­orthy, senior consultant neuro­psychiatrist, Neuro­krish, Chennai, says people take painkillers for two reasons. “They develop psychological dependence on pain relievers as every time they pop one, they feel better. The second thing is that some painkillers block certain receptors like opiate receptors. When you keep using the drug, you kind of feel like having more and more drugs and start craving for more. If one does not take drugs, they get withdrawal symptoms, ” Dr Krishna­moo­rthy cautions.


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